Customer experience management

The Company’s communication with customers is underpinned by the following principles:

  • FESCO is the leader in the container transportation market in terms of quality. We develop internal regulations for our processes and seek to standardise and automate them in line with a continuous improvement approach;
  • FESCO is quick to launch new projects. Our system easily adjusts to changes as we constantly develop and test hypotheses on potential opportunities and rely on quick project launch practices;
  • FESCO appreciates the loyalty of its key customers. We build seamless communication channels by focusing on consistent interaction and personalised approach to key customers. We foster loyalty in response to our consistent delivery against the commitments we have taken on.

Our customers

FESCO’s customer base:

customers in 2022
new customers acquired in 2022
client offices, including in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Europe

FESCO provides its services in the most essential industries.

FESCO transportation in 2022 by cargo type, %

Source: Company data

Mechanisms of customer communication

Single customer support service

In 2022, FESCO launched unified customer support service. With this initiative, customers of all branches and units across FESCO Group can raise their concerns and get advice on all of the Company’s services using a unified call centre and chat at

In February 2022, to rapidly respond to customer questions amid disruptions in supply chains, we put in place a 24/7 support hotline for FESCO customers. While in service, the hotline handled over 1 thousand calls.

Unified call
calls received
>95 %
average service level (SL) value (percentage of calls answered within 20 seconds) at more than 95% for the year
2 min 30 sec
average call duration
Chat and

Launched in 
Q4 2022

queries handled

Most popular queries:

container tracking using the personal account help with rate calculations

24/7 support service

FESCO prioritises customer services and support it offers in this regard.

To deliver superior customer experience, in November 2022, we put in place 24/7 support service for our customers:

  • MY.FESCO customer’s personal account
  • Personal accounts for agents, forwarders and carriers;
  • AutoPass information system.

Support function employees are available 24/7 to advise customers on using the companies’ information systems and address any concerns they may have.

The key goal here is to quickly provide quality professional help our customers need.

Customers can use the 8-800 single phone number and also the ServiceDesk (SD) solution. In 2H 2022, the number of queries from external customers handled via SD grew by some 100%. website

Following customer focus groups held in 2022, we implemented a comprehensive upgrade of website navigation, simplified working with rates using our calculator, and launched a new digital service: now customers can create an interactive route across all of the Company’s areas of operations.

Customer feedback

To identify weaknesses in our offering, FESCO regularly holds customer surveys based on completed shipments, along with focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Once a shipment is completed, customers are asked to describe how satisfied they are using the CSATCustomer Satisfaction Score. metric, either in their personal account or by email. In 2022, CSAT stood at 80% based on 2,247 questionnaires.

NPSNet Promoter Score. is one of the key customer loyalty metrics, showing how likely it is that the customer will recommend the Company’s services. In 2022, NPS was 52%, improving by 11 pp vs the 2021 average. The number of respondents grew by 30% to 2,033 customers.

In their questionnaires, customers noted the following trends in service improvement:

  • employees’ speed of action;
  • better document flow;
  • convenient personal account and some of its new functions.

Information on new services

In 2022, FESCO regularly updated customers about new services on offer, sending out a total of 40 newsletters on new project launches, tweaks to existing services, and novel functionality added to the MY.FESCO account.

In early March 2022, our Telegram channel @tg_fesco (“FESCO Transportation Group”) went live. Today, it has more than 170 posts on the Group’s services, participation in transport and logistics exhibitions, customer events, and corporate news. Over the past year, the number of subscribers has grown to 3,652As at 6 March 2023.. FESCO’s Telegram channel is a platform to connect with potential customers, partners and employees, with our team always there to answer questions about FESCO’s routes, services, and internship and employment opportunities

+ +30%
NPS questionnaires