Control and audit

Internal controls

An integral part of corporate governance, our risk management and internal control system embraces all operations, key business processes and governance levels. Its key objective is to provide reasonable assurance in the Company's ability to achieve its strategic and day-to-day goals amid uncertainty and unfavourable conditions.

Risk management and internal controls are continuous integrated processes performed by governing bodies and employees as part of their duties.

To provide governing bodies with complete and accurate information on the Company’s operations, FESCO established the Internal Audit Department.

The Department is responsible for the regular and independent assessment of how effective and reliable the Company's risk management and internal controls are as well as their improvements. The Internal Audit Department also works to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate governance practices and business processes and reduce costs, oversees safe and sustainable use of assets, and ensures compliance with corporate governance principles.

The Department is governed by the FESCO Internal Audit Policy.

External audit

The Annual General Shareholders Meeting appointed Kept as the Company's external auditor for 2022. The external auditor is responsible for auditing the Company’s financial and operating performance as prescribed by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and pursuant to the contract signed between the Company and the auditor. According to clause 4, article 5 of Federal Law No. 307-FZ On Audit Activities dated 30 December 2008, no open tender is required to select the issuer's external auditor.

The issuer shall select the external auditor through a tender procedure (Russian laws on procurement do not apply to said tender procedures). The Company shall select its external auditor by collecting and comparing bids submitted by the auditors. The proposed nominee for the external auditor role shall be approved by the General Shareholders Meeting.