Key developments


In 2022, as part of our plan to grow logistics service in Asia, we opened a subsidiary in Uzbekistan. FESCO Turan offers a full range of logistics services in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan.

FESCO Supply Chain rolled out new services — FESCO Flexi for liquid cargo transportation in hermetically sealed flexitanks and FESCO Air for delivery of LCLLess than container load. cargoes by charter and scheduled flights on domestic and international routes.

We launched new services and shipping lines between Vietnam, Turkey and Russia. The Company actively developed services connecting the Far East with Central Russia.

FESCO continued building up its supply chain management in 3PL and 4PL segments, having significantly grown its order portfolio.

In 2022, FESCO's first container train set out from Shanghai to Moscow as part of the public FESCO Asia Landborder Train service. To use the service, any customer can place an order via MY.FESCO regardless of the number of containers in the batch, which is similar to FESCO's intermodal services via the Russian Far East.


FESCO Group became the largest logistics operator in the Russian Far East.

FESCO improved its key operating indicators, in particular, reaching an all-time high cargo handling volume of 13.4 million tonnes at Port Vladivostok, while container handling also hit a record 768 thousand TEU.

FESCO increased the number of containers it operates to a record figure of more than 135 thousand TEU.


Our fleet added seven vessels, including five vessels operated by the Company, enabling us to expand our international footprint and strengthen our positions in the domestic shipping market.

We signed agreements for new container vessels to be supplied from the shipyard to expand our deep-sea services between China and St Petersburg.

We carry on with our efforts to expand the core rolling stock: in 2022, our fleet added 1,989 80-foot fitting platforms to hit a record high of 10,408 units.

Financial stability

We fulfilled our obligations in full as regards BO-01 and BO-02 bonds.

Thanks to improved operational and financial performance, NCR upgraded FESCO’s long-term credit rating from BBB– to ВBB+ with a stable outlook.