Information policy

FESCO’s information policy is mainly aimed at protecting the shareholder and investor right to access information about the Group’s performance that may influence their investment and management decisions, as well as protecting the information about the Company, the disclosure of which could result in damage to the interests of the Company, its shareholders and other stakeholders.

Disclosures are a key form of engagement with all of the Company’s stakeholders.

When making disclosures, the Company is guided by applicable laws, recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code and its by-laws.

The Company applies the Regulations on Information DisclosureApproved by the Board of Directors on 14 October 2016, Minutes No. 34 dated 17 October 2016., which outlines the key principles for disclosing information:

  • regular, consistent, and timely manner of disclosure;
  • accessibility of the disclosed information;
  • reliable and complete information;
  • maintaining the right balance between the Company’s openness and business interests.

In the reporting year, the Company sought to provide information about its performance in a timely manner and to the extent necessary and sufficient for stakeholders to make informed decisions on participation in, or engagement with, the Group’s companies. In the reporting year, the Company made disclosures in accordance with the applicable anti-crisis disclosure relaxations.